Humans, just like fruit, vegetables, and those little paper umbrellas you find in fruity drinks, come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are tall and thin, others are short and squat, and countless variations of the two can be seen walking out on the streets. With so many different kinds of bodies that one could have, it might be a little confusing to figure out what kind of clothing looks most flatting on you, but fear not! Help has arrived.

Now, to help avoid any confusion, some relevant definitions have been provided to aid you in classifying your body type. When looking down below for fashion tips, refer to these useful descriptors:

  • You are a Circle class if weight is gained around your middle. When picking clothes, choose something loose around the middle and tight in other places.
  •  You are a Triangle type if your torso and shoulders are narrower than your hips. When picking clothes, play up the curves of your chest and shoulders rather than drawing attention to the lower.
  • You are an Hourglass type if you have a set of full hips (NOT wide, completely different), an ample chest, and a thin waist to give yourself the classic hourglass shape. Choose clothes to move with your curves instead of against them.
  • You are a Rectangle type if you have little to no definition at the waist and have a straight, up-and-down kind of figure. Choose clothes that are snug at the waist and have a flare at the bottom to make curves.


Avoid anything that draws attention to your middles, such as belts, high-rise pants, and waist-cinching tops. This will only draw attention away from your other features.

Instead, opt for slim cut pants to draw attention to your legs, with a blouse or tunic for the upper body. Just a tunic on its own can do wonders with its relaxed cut and pleating or voluminous sleeves, and you can’t go amiss with a shift dress, especially if you have a pair of high heels to go with it.

An empire-waist top resting below the bust can also go a long way, bringing attention toward a narrow ribcage.


Avoid anything that has an apparent shapelessness or clinginess to it: skinny jeans, too-big sweaters, and curve hugging skirts should be given away to friends.

Consider as an alternative wide-legged pants, which slim down the thighs while providing a longer silhouette. Tailored jackets and boat neck tops both emphasize the shoulders, which in turn offsets the lower body’s fuller proportions and a non-clinging skirt like an A-line is an absolute Godsend. Just make sure it’s tapered to avoid looking like a Dorito.


Avoid things that make you look either shapeless or like a box, such as tunics, oversized cardigans, and baby-doll dresses.

When you’re in the store browsing, swing around to look at the high-waisted pants, which draw attention to a slim waist. Wrap dresses are made with a diagonal movement in mind, one that is quite flattering on your body type, and V-neck tops flatter curves without overstating what’s there. Pencil skirts also cinch at the waist and skim over the hips instead of clinging.


Avoid dresses that tighten all over the body like cling wrap, as well as anything that floats away from your waist like the White Queen away from an uncomfortable situation.

Instead, you might like to try something that cinches at the waist and widens near the bottom, like boot cut pants and a fitted jacket pulled in at said waist. A feminine top, something that has ruffles barely-there sleeves on it, will add volume and bring attention to your chest and shoulders. It draws attention away from the waist and makes it look smaller.

Flared skirts give something like an hourglass figure, and as a bonus, you’ll seem like the protagonist of a 70s movie.

In Conclusion

Your body is your body, and you should be proud of it. No matter whether this cute dress or that lovely top doesn’t quite look right, you can be sure that there is an outfit somewhere out there that will look amazing on you. Are you over 35? Here’s a new online course you can take to look and feel your very best. Visit Old School New Body Reviews to learn more.